Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why this will be a slowww process

This may not be a project where every day something new gets done; possibly not even every week.

Foremost, we have the weather to contend with; Northern California is getting their annual dose of rainfall right now. Some rain here and there shouldn't hold up progress on the foundation pour though, it will actually help keep the concrete from drying too quickly. I'd like to finish the foundation during the winter and then once the rain lets up, begin framing.

Then there's the array of projects we've insanely started. We're building some new raised beds in our side yard with a mix of compost and soil excavated for the tiny house. Lots of stones so lots of tedious sifting

We've also been getting seeds started for our winter garden, it's a little bare right now,

and we've been finishing our chicken coop/fortress

Big side project I'm working on is converting the main house's basement into a bicycle shop. Been slow progress on this project also but I'm getting there. Bike season doesn't really start until it gets warmer so I have time anyway

The only other thing that delays the process is me constantly going back and forth about ideas. As I've said, this whole design is not ironed out, so day to day Im thinking about my options. Do I want to do the green roof or do I want a simple lightweight metal roof. Do I want footers and a stem wall or do I want a monolithic pour. Roof slope forward or back. On and on endlessly. It would be great to have a construction minded buddy to bounce ideas off. There is definitely not a set way to build a house


  1. I have designed and built a house. I also have degrees in architecture and structural engineering. I'll come look and chat if you'd like.
    I live around the corner. We've met - you got worms from my bin.