Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm still alive - foundation stem wall being worked on

Still alive over here; sorry for the radio silence. It looks like our rainy season has officially come to an close so I can get serious thinking about construction.
Borrowed a rebar bender again and bent a perimeter of what will be the stem wall tying it to the verticals left sticking out form the previous pour. Also bought my first batch of lumber: some 2x from the big box. I'll use this to form the walls then after the pour, they'll be re-used as studs and top plates

Whoaoaoa aerial view!! Lumber + rebar bent and tied + tonsss of welded wire mesh scored for free on Craigslist that will be used for the slab floor (and already in use as trellising material in our garden)

Stem wall will be either 6" or 5.5", haven't decided yet, but this is what I'm thinking

Sill plate (with a thermal bridge breaking gasket), 1/2" ply, 1" foam, weather resistive barrier (not shown), weep screed at the bottom, stucco lath, stucco

Next update: poured stem wall

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