Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Progress! Foundation completed!

Finally finished up the foundation; poured the stem wall. Was lucky to have two housemates help out and we made quick work of it and my bagged concrete estimate was dead on (somehow)

Working with concrete...ugh, not my favorite task. If I ever build another of these I'll use precast piers and wood girders; concrete sucks. Its stressful when you have an irreversible ticking time bomb quickly drying in the sunlight.
Unfortnuately since we're total amateur hacks, we got a lot of "honeycombing" in the pour; we were not as dilligent as we should have been about tamping the mix in and getting all the voids out. I'm going to have to go back and patch a few places with a mix of cement and sand.
Next up is the slab. Im determined to use native clay and make it a mostly earthern floor with some cement in the mix to make it harder and dry quicker. We'll see how that goes. We're also going to experiement with adding color pigment to the mix (since the slab will be our finish floor)

Stay tuned :)

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