Saturday, August 27, 2011

And I Said, "Let There Be Framing!" (and it was good)

Wahoo! Feels good to finally see what has only been a digital representation now turn into a tangible visible accomplishment. Of course, still tons of work yet to do

Framing was pretty fun (especially compared to concrete work). The process went very smoothly with the exception of one big issue: warped, twisted and generally not straight lumber. Terrible! What a pain in the ass to work with! Trying to salvage warped lumber seems a lost cause. I did my best in a few instances but in a few others, I just bought new lumber (unfortunately). I used the form boards from the concrete pour as wall studs but because of the water they took on, they went all out of shape, especially the long boards which had ends twisted a full 45 degrees.
Lesson learned, from now on, I won't try to reuse form boards and I will only buy kiln dried lumber. Like so many things, the extra cost is worth it to spare the frustration.

Next up, squaring everything up and sheathing with plywood