Friday, September 23, 2011

Plumb sheathed walls and rafters

Keeping with the trend of slowww progress, inched along a bit more into the project. Big step was getting plywood on the walls and getting them plumb. For certain sections we needed three people: one doing the nailing, one checking plumb and pushing the top of the wall into position with a 2x4. Went together well and its really amazing how flimsy stud walls suddenly turn into rigid shear walls that don't budge a millimeter.
Next got the rafters up. Was a bit of fudging around with the birdsmouth notch but eventually figured out how to use my speed square properly (hey all those numbers mean something). The rafters will be visible on the inside so I gave them a coat of oil for looks. 2x6 rafters mounted with Simpson HS24 ties

Put in an order for the EPDM pond liner for the green roof. Will be tackling that whole can o' worms soon. Really hoping I can get this buttoned up before the winter rains come. I'm seriously slow at getting this done

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