Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green roof in bloom & loft built

Been on hiatus for the past 3 months (doing farm worktrade) but am now back and finally making some more progress on the tiny house.
Came back to the green roof in bloom! The CA wildflower seeds have taken root fairly well. We'll see how they hold up after the rains stop.

We slept in the tiny house for two weeks before we left but had only the floor so first task was to build the loft and reclaim the floor space. I wanted the layout to be rather free flowing and open (important in such a tiny space) so I really wanted to hang the loft from the rafters instead of putting in a post. During framing, I double up the 2x6 rafter where the loft will get its support.
Fairly straightforward and simple construction and I was pleased it took only a day to put together. Used 3/16 wire rope (800lb working load rated) for the hanging corner. Amazing to regain so much space! Having the bed lofted is really critical to the whole design. The bathroom will be below the loft; you can see the composting toilet stored already in the corner.
Next will be putting in the utilities, water and power. Decent sized project since I'm going to rehab the utilities for the main house in the process.